Welcome to Wheeler Wildcat's Wrestling Team!

See this important info for the 2022-2023 season



  • Parent Letter (download here)
  • Practice Schedule - Mon-Fri 3:45-6pm in the Arena Overlay
  • Meet Schedule (also subscribe to the Wrestling calendar) (download here)
  • Player team fees are $250 for the season - and can be paid online or to the coach at practice. (You can make a single payment of $250 or a deposit of $150 with two additional $50 payment. If alternate arrangements need to be made, please speak with the coach. (Please see the parent letter for more details.)


Coaches, Teams, Practice Info, and Team Dues:

Head Coach: Kelechukwu Nwosu (Coach K) - Kelechukwu.Nwosu@cobbk12.org

Assistant Coach: Clarissia Finley

Community Coach: William Miller, Dan Mckinney


Teams: Varsity boys, Varsity girls, and Junior varsity boys


Practice Schedule: Starting Oct 24th Monday – Friday 3:45 – 6:00

Practice area: Arena Overlay

Home matches: 3 home matches (in the old gym) – see schedule for a list of meets


New weight classes this year. See the GHSA 2022-2023 Constitution for further details. (Wrestling info starts on pg 90.)



Team Dues are $250. Team dues are nonrefundable.

  • Payment options include Cash, check, and online payment (make checks payable to WAA with Wrestling and your wrestler's name on the memo line)
    • Online payments accepted through wheelerhighsports.org – then click on Team Fees (you can create an account or pay as a guest.)
    • Choose to make one payment or a $150 deposit and two payments later of $50 each (or talk to the coach to make alternative payment arrangements)
  • Team dues cover the costs of team practice and safety equipment, cleaning supplies for the mats, Senior Night, entrance fees for tournaments, transportation to regional and state meets, team uniforms and apparel, community coaches, athlete banquet, supplies, and other team costs.

Team Policies:

  1. No child will be allowed to wrestle if he or she:
    1. Has a failing grade in two or more of their classes. A wrestler with only one “F” will be on probation, which means that he or she can participate in practice, but not in matches until all grades are passing.
    2. Misbehaves three or more times during the course of the season in school, class, or wrestling.
    3. Misses more than one practice a week on a regular basis.
    4. Misses practice twice without personally notifying the coach.
    5. Shows unsportsmanlike conduct in practice or at a match.
    6. Has not completed Athletic registration
    7. Does not have this permission slip signed by his or her legal guardian.
  2. There will be practice every weekday, Monday through Friday, until 6:00 pm. Wrestlers will be notified if there are changes to the schedule.
  3. On match days during the week, we may be home after 6pm (accounting for how long the match goes as well as traffic).
    1. Students will be asked to call home to notify parents when we realize that we will not be home by 6pm.
    2. Parents are welcome to come to all matches to support their children. Most schools charge a $5 entrance fee. For liability reasons, if a student rides the bus to the event, they must ride the bus back.
    3. Buses will pick up and return students to Wheeler. No student is allowed to walk home from school after a meet unless I have a signed parent note giving that child permission.
  4. On tournament days and match days during the weekend (several times during the season), a bus will pick up students at 6am and take us to the competition no later than 6:30am.
    1. We will most likely not return until 5pm or later on tournament days.
    2. Parents will be notified of the dates these tournaments will take place in advance.
    3. Parents are welcome to come to all tournaments (entrance fees are usually charged by the tournament host) to support their children. However, for liability reasons, if a student rides the bus to the event, they must ride the bus back.
  5. There may be team photos or video from matches for instructional review. This form is a photo release.
  6. The team will travel to away meets on school buses. This form is also a travel permission slip.
  7. Wrestling is a very physical sport. Students will come home with aches, pains, soreness, bumps, and bruises. Unfortunately, this risk is a part of the sport. No child will be forced to wrestle if they are suffering from pain.
  8. Wrestling is a co-ed sport. Any girl who wrestles will almost always be wrestling boys. Some boys may wrestle against a girl. While it may look like there is inappropriate touching, please understand that this is a part of the sport.
  9. Even though wrestlers are organized by weight class, no child will ever be asked or pressured to deny themselves food. Healthy eating, combined with regular exercise, is a critical part of athletics.

Suggested Equipment:

Head Gear

Wrestling Shoes

Knee Pads

Affordable gear might be found at Play It Again Sports. https://www.playitagainsports.com/home There is a local store in Kennesaw or you can order online and items can be shipped. Dicks Sporting Goods also carries wrestling gear.


Parent Volunteers:

We need parent volunteers to support our team. Please consider signing up for concessions help for home meets, senior night planning, food and drinks for meet days, and fundraising coordination.


Join the Wheeler High Sports Athletic Association Website:

Go to wheelerhighsports.org and click on “Create Account.” You can use this site to pay Team Dues and follow the calendar.